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Five Deadly Rebels: A Kung Fu Sci-Fi Scripted Podcast


Featuring music by Wu-Tang Clan producer, "Cilvaringz", comes the new scripted podcast, "Five Deadly Rebels", that is the kung fu classic film, "Five Deadly Venoms", meets the Gangster genre, meets Science Fiction, written and hosted by Goodreads acclaimed author, Ian Tuason, winner of a 2016 Watty Award, the world’s largest online writing competition. 

From the five boroughs come five rebels of society—the gangster, the hustler, the raider, the gambler, the corrupt—each gifted with superhuman powers, each mastering an ancient martial art discipline—judo, kendo, muay Thai, karate, kung fu—through a mysterious being from another reality, known only as “The Master”, who launches the five into a dangerous hunt for a golden crypto ledger hidden within the criminal underworld of New York City—a ledger holding wealth that can not only change each of their hard-boiled lives, but the order of the world. 

Enter the five chambers outside of time, and into the action-packed, gritty tale about five anti-heroes, driven by their own selfish desires, within the backdrop of a larger story about the nature of good, evil, and reality–if there is such a thing.

New episodes every Wednesday.